I will be roaming the streets of Manhattan looking for visual descriptions of Humanity. I am always respectful of every image that comes before me. Only a few will make it past the first round edit, from that selection a book or gallery show will come forth. If you’re reading this, perhaps we crossed paths.  Thank You.

Walter Horishnyk


This photography presentation has been requested to be shown in other locations.
Join Walter Horishnyk & Richard Ott
for an evening of photography from an excursion to NYC.

Opening Night Reception
September 14, 7-9 PM

Show dates: September 4 – October 5, 2018

First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis

900 Mount Curve Avenue,

Manhattan Project:

Photographs by Walter Horishnyk & Richard Ott

The Chain Reaction Of Camera And Vision @ 1/250 0f A Second

Almost everyone has New York City in their mind.

Real or manufactured….it can’t be avoided and it is primarily Manhattan we see.

The City (because no one calls Manhattan anything else) has come to be the epitome of success:
“If you can make it here; you can make it anywhere”

One of the most filmed cities in the world; The Big Apple is portrayed in movies, TV shows, commercials pushing luxury cars and diamonds, as well as adult diapers and telephones. Katz’s Deli was the scene of the world’s most infamous fake orgasm in the movie ‘When Harry Met Sally’. Katz’s make great pastrami sandwiches too; you can ask any New Yorker.

Swimming in the sea of hype, glitter, and desire, are 8 million people speaking 800 languages. A blast furnace of races, cultures, creeds and political beliefs they can fill every nook and cranny in the street. Somehow they push upward into the skyscrapers, toward the sun, and into the dinge of the subways…mostly without friction. Heading who knows where or to what purpose.

New York is filled with people: forming a mindful/mindless mass. We negotiate the streets with them: avoiding, ignoring and imploring and, occasionally, cursing.

Sharing a cramped flat on 31st and Broadway, Mr. Horishnyk and Mr. Ott, resided in the throbbing, engorged, endlessly beating heart of Midtown Manhattan. Every new day greeted with high expectation, we sallied forth as the valiant knights of the still image. Wending our way where sun, shadow, and crowds beckoned, Walter (from the Midwest) and Richard (from New Yawk), look to make pictures to impart their personal visions of the city.

The result, we hope, gives you a good look at:

Mankind in Manhattan: The Manhattan Project

Contact: walter@horishnyk.com /  dickophoto@yahoo.com

About Walter Horishnyk

Walter Horishnyk has been a photographer for the past 20 years and has been creating art in various forms his entire life.

Schooled in film photography and fine arts at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, he has received a number of awards for photographic excellence.

He regularly shows his work in galleries and has works in public and private collections in the Midwest.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Walter for three years. His work is vibrant, focused, and revelatory. His work captures the essence of individuals in places- be it a physical space or emotional moment that is being occupied. He has great vision and versatility and can create a range of mood and dialogues through his images. While some of his images document the exceptional it is when he photographs the seemingly ordinary – mundane, street scenes, random places, and so forth – that Horishynk’s best artistry is revealed. Through his lens, a simple image is rendered complex while a chaotic scene is given form and clarity.” ….Doug LittleMusician | Bandleader | Educator | Composer

“I have known Walter for many years and have had the privilege of watching his work grow and diversify. Walter makes powerful images in color that combine his sense of irony and metaphor creating a new body of work that is respectful of those who have gone before him and adding his own voice to this most important segment of the photographic language. He makes very graphic compositions and subtle softer images that draw you into their deeper meaning.”….Tom Arndt – Acclaimed photographer and native Minnesotan, he has been documenting the faces of Minnesota for forty years, with unparalleled skill and candor.

“Walter’s images are engaging, thought-provoking and build narrative, taking on the Garry Winogrand aesthetic. great work here.”…. Lensculture reviewer assessment 

Official Website: www.horishnyk.com

About Richard Ott

An American, documentary and street photographer, Richard Ott has been working as a photographer for more than 40 years. Trained as an anthropologist; Richard earned a PhD at Stony Brook University doing fieldwork in Kenya among the Tugen people where he made an extensive photographic record.

Richard immersed himself in photography after attending a workshop with Gary Winogrand in 1981. He began photographing extensively in Minnesota, New York City, China and Vietnam. Establishing Argus Images, in 1990, he has done commercial, industrial, and, sports photography. He has done work in both black and white and color.

Ott’s previous New York work was exhibited with that of Magnum photographer Bruce Gilden and Tom Arndt in St. Paul, MN.  Richard has had one person exhibitions at Notre Dame University, The Phipps Art Center in Hudson, WI and at  Augsburg  College in Minneapolis, MN.

The most recent documentary work in Minnesota was made possible by several grants from OverExposure Media of Minneapolis. Richard documented 18 neighborhoods in the cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN. The work was displayed in a group show in 2010. Other work is held in a number of private collections.

“These images are what photography is all about.”….Ted Hartwell, late Curator of Photography at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

“Richard, in this work, you have discovered what is left of the real New York City.”….Harriet Goldberg, a community organizer and trainer in Brooklyn, NY.

“Richard’s work evokes unique times and feelings.”….David Little, Curator Emeritus of Photography at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

Contact Information: